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iPad Music Production Apps

Do you want to produce music on your loved iPad? Then you need the best iPad music production app to help you. There are so many iPad music production apps in the market, which one is the best for you? Here we will offer you several music production apps for iPad to you, so you can choose the best iPad music production app.

iPad Music Production Apps - Air Harp

Air Harp is an iPad music production app of the classic lap harp. In keeping with the tradition of those instruments, notation can appear beneath the harp for those learning to read. There are five songs and lyrics included, and the developers promise a future release will have blank sheet music for recording and saving your own music. (Selling additional sheet music as add-ons appears to be part of the model here.) The configuration is 2 octaves in G major across 15 strings and “concert-quality audio.”

iPad Music Production Apps - Pianist Pro

Pianist, the ORIGINAL iPhone piano, turns Professional for the iPad with photo-realistic graphics and an unbelievable sound. Pianist Pro was the number one music app for the iPad at release and has remained high in the charts ever since. Pianist Pro is a virtual piano designed specifically for the iPad, with the same great interface and style that has made Pianist the best known piano on the iPhone, and a whole host of new features too. It is the best iPad music production app for piano lovers.

iPad Music Production Apps - Progression Free

Progression, a guitar tab editor for your iPad gives you the convenience of an easy-to-use guitar tab creation tool right at your fingertips. This cool and free music production app for iPad enables you to create and edit tablature as well as letting you hear how it sounds on playback. You can even add expression to the sounds by adding slides, vib, bends, hammer-ons and more. This is another great tool to help you compose on the move. Sometimes the sounds come across as a bit synthetic and chopped but we kind of like that sound, and it can be used to great effect when exaggerated.

That's all the iPad music production applications we introduce for you. Choose the one you like most and get more information by clicking the links we give. Have fun!

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