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Add Fonts to iPad

add fonts to ipad iconAs a business man, maybe you often need to see some documents from your work and some of the documents are usually full of all types of fonts which are not supported by iPad. So when you open these documents, you can only see the text effects in iPad's default font. Now you are wondering if you can add fonts to iPad. It's a very common question and many iPad users have the same question with you. Well, after searching for adding fonts to iPad over and over again, we can give you the answer - you can add fonts to iPad through jailbreaking or with some fonts apps.

Normally, many iPad users will not jailbreak their iPad indiscreetly, I bet you too. So here we will introduce some fonts apps to help you add fonts to iPad in the second way.

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Some Apps for Adding Fonts to iPad

Add Fonts App to iPad 1 - Magic Fonts for iPad
Having this Magic Fonts for iPad, you can add as many as 12 fonts and up to 200 cute and lovely symbols or icons to your loved iPad. You can add this fonts app at a relatively low price.

Add Fonts App to iPad 2 - Font Book for iPad
This Font Book for iPad is very useful when reading books with all types of fonts. But there is something you have to remember about it - you can not use it in the other apps.

how to add fonts to ipad - font app

Besides, you can also add fonts to iPad with the other fonts apps, like iFontMaker, TypeDrawing for iPad, HelvetiNoteā„¢ and more. Go to iTunes Store and download one of these font apps onto your iPad, then you will be able to read your documents normally. Enjoy yourself on iPad!

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