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Can You Add Memory to an iPad?

can you add memory to an ipad - ipad iconSince iPad is such a fabulous gadget, you must have put a lot of applications, videos, music and photos on your loved iPad. But you know the iPad have the Limited capacity and sometime you will come across the situation "Inventory is full already". So you are wondering " Can I get more memory to iPad?" Maybe your iPad is the 32GB model and you just want to add memory to iPad to 64GB. Can you add memory to an iPad? Let's see the answer following.

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Question: Can You Add Memory to an iPad

The iPad has three different storage models at the present, including 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model. Maybe you have got the lower storage and want to update your iPad to a higher storage, or maybe you have got the 64GB model and want to get more memory for your iPad. You know the computer can be added more space by connecting mobile HDD, can you add memory to an iPad in the same way?

can you add memory to an ipad - ipad storage

Unfortunately we have to tell you the true that you can not add memory to an iPad as you like. You can take it as the market strategy. According to the iPad price from the Apple Store, you can see the price of the three storage model, 32GB model are $100 higher than the 16GB model, and the 64GB model are $100 higher than the 34GB model. If you can add memory to an iPad optionally, the iPad will loss a lot of money!

Besides, you can also consider of the technology level. Adding memory to iPad is not so easy as adding mobile HDD to a computer. After all, the Apple Inc. has been always considering for the customers. If the Apple Inc. can provide a perfect resolution to balance the customer satisfaction and the profits, it will be glad to do that.

Although you can not add memory to an iPad freely, you can manage you iPad more reasonably. Open you iPad and check which documents and apps are not so important, then remove them off your iPad decisively. Keep a good habit while using iPad and enjoy yourself on iPad!

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