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How to Create Folder on iPad?

This long awaited functionality will allow you to hold over 2000 Apps on your iPad, whereas previously it was limited to 180 Apps. Not only can you store more Apps, but folders makes it far easier to organize your iPad or iPhone. You can create App folders on iPad to store and categorize your Apps. Do you know how to create folder on iPad?

Here the guide below will show you how to create new folder on iPad step by step.

Guide: How to Create Folder on iPad

Step 1: Make sure which Apps you want to put in the folder first. Touch and hold on to any Application icon of these Apps to start the launcher configuration. The Application should start to jump around.

Step 2: Move it to the top of another Application you also want in the same folder, as shown below:

how to create folder on ipad

Step 3: After that, a new App folder is established. The iPad will select a default name for the folder based on the type of applications in the folder. You can rename it by changing the name in the dialog box.

steps for creating folder on ipad

Step 4: If you want to change the default name of the folder, tap the small x in the Name field. The keyboard will pop up and you can rename it as you like.

rename the folder

That's all! You have finished the process of creating folder on iPad. Now you can continue to drag and drop more App icons to that folder if you wish to add them to that particular folder. You must have learnt how to create folder on iPad. In this way you can manage your iPad easily. Have fun!

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