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How to Find Free iPad Apps?

If you jailbreak your iPad, you can download all kinds of apps and games onto your iPad for free. However, not all the iPad users want to jailbreak iPad, for it still has some disadvantages to jailbreak iPad after all. In order to save money, find free apps for your iPad is a good solution to save money.

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Free apps or free limited time apps, basically speaking, are promotional tools of app developers. Though the apps are free, it may start their own brand reputation. If the app is useful or the game is funny, it will attract people to buy through the reputation after it was free. Every day there will release a bunch of free apps or free limited time apps, then how to find free iPad apps since there are so many apps in the App Store?

The worst way to find free iPad apps is checking every app to see if it is free. Another method is using search engines. For example, you can search "Free iPad Apps" in Google. Actually, there is a very simple and convenient method to help you get free iPad apps. You just need to install a free app - AppShopper.

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The main plates of AppShopper are listed in the left panel. "MyApps" and "Wish List" can be used only after you sign in it. They are mainly used for collection. You can get notified of the apps movement which you wish to possess, like whether they are free or whether there is a discount, at any time. To find free iPad apps, you just need to check "Free" in the "Price", "iPad" in the "Device" category. Just check the box according to your needs to find free iPad app. It's very easy, right?

By using App Store, many iPad users have saved a lot of money. This app is also working well on iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, you can use it to fine free apps for your iPhone.

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