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How to Start up an iPad?

Maybe you just bought a new iPad and now you must be dying to make a lot of fun on your new iPad, like play games, listen music, watch movies, and more. But also you may feel a little confused by how to get iPad started. After all the Apple iPad is such a new and intelligent gadget, you have to take starting up the iPad as a important link, so that you can use it in the better way. Next we will show you how to start up an iPad step by step. Just follow the guide to learn how to do that.

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Guide: How to Start Up an iPad

Step 1: Take it out of the packaging, and plug it in your PC with the standard USB cable. Then the iTunes should show this screen welcoming you to your new iPad as show below. If not, upgrade your iTunes version.

how to start up an ipad step 1

Step 2: Press "continue" to get to the setting up, and click through the license agreement. Sign in with your iTunes account, or set one up if you don't have one already. You might get a message that says an iPad has previously been synced with your computer.

Step 3: Select "Set up as a new iPad" and continue. Then you will come to a place that you have to start making some decisions. Here you can selectively sync your apps and media. Media is best synced manually, for the space issues we mentioned above. You can autofill songs in from play lists, or drag them in one by one from your iTunes library. The same as video.

how to start up an ipad step 2

Done! Now you have selectively synced your apps and you've dumped your most prized media. It's time to go on the other tab control and set more parameters as you like. We have just show you how to start up an iPad. Actually there are more tips for the iPad you need know. Have you read the User Guide? It doesn't come with the iPad. You have to download it from the Apple website or read it on your iPad if you can connect to the Internet. Have fun!

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